Picnic Planning at July Monthly Meeting

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The (somewhere around 20th?) annual Darbo – Worthington Neighborhood family picnic in Worthington Park is coming up in just 10 days, on Saturday, July 18 from Noon to 4:00 p.m.

Volunteers are welcome and needed, whatever your gifts! We’ll be coordinating plans at the monthly WPNA meeting at 6:00 p.m tonight (July 8) at the Salvation Army Community Center.

WPNA-Picnic-2014We’ll have music from the Limanya Drum & Dance Ensemble, featuring Guinean master drummer, Mandjou Mara, the bounce house from the Salvation Army, Off the Block Salsa, costumes & bubbles from the Hawthorne Library, games from Bicycle Recycle & more from the many groups & individuals that make this neighborhood great!

But it’s never a picnic without you! Bring food to share – whether a bag of chips or a home-baked pie – or just come share the gift of your presence this summer!


Starkweather Creek Brew and Naming Contest!

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Cate Veith and Alfonso Flores of Worthington Park will give a $50 gift card prize to the winner of the naming contest of a brand new brew coming from Next Door, in collaboration with Friends of Starkweather Creek, and set to debut at the pub on Saturday, December 20th, a day before the traditional Solstice bonfire at Olbrich Park.

Check the Friends of Starkweather Creek site for details.

Brew in early stage. (Photo by Sean Gere)


2014 Annual Meeting and Picnic

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Drawing by John Pickle

Hey, folks! Come to the annual meeting/picnic tomorrow. We’re pressing apples for fresh cider, grilling a bit of food, and generally enjoying what should be a beautiful day. (There’s a whisper about some Ale Asylum Ambergeddon, too!)

Bring some park play stuff, bring the kids, bring sides or something for the grill (it’s a potluck), BRING MORE APPLES! It’d be nice to see you 😉

Thurber Park (Fair Oaks at the tracks)
Saturday, Oct 11th

Special thanks to the Hatcher family, Adam Haen at FEED Kitchens, 4 & 20, Pickle Jar BBQ, Chris Moyer, John Minnick, Zion Lutheran Church, and our tireless board members!


Mayor Meeting Update

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Last Friday, I had another opportunity to meet with Mayor Soglin and staff to discuss the neighborhood. That time, however, I was pleased to have join me Sue Weaver, who’s on the WPNA Board, and Jonathan Hunter of Underground Food Collective. Since we had a culinary powerhouse in the room much of the conversation was about food—access, quality, service, training, etc—and the topic was far from exhausted at the meeting’s end. There was just enough time to mention Internet access and tech skill building but that’s a long conversation for another day, hopefully soon.

Y’know, things are tough. It may seem we just can’t shake the ills of modern society but many of us in this community believe that being savvy stewards with creative new approaches will help treat the issues to an end that reveals a higher quality of life for all our neighbors. It’s good to know that food and tech are high priorities with the city and Soglin, and we think we’ll have some support behind Worthington Park initiatives as time goes on.



Neighborhood Yard Signs

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Resident, and talented artist, Larry Price gave our yard sign project a much needed shot in the arm by donating a watercolor he painted. We intended the sign showcase a neighborhood kid’s artwork but after few submissions came in during a drawing contest we thought it was wise to rethink our direction. We’re pleased we did, we’re grateful to Larry for his generosity, and we’re very excited to get these back from the printer. We should have them in time for the annual picnic on July 19th.


Thanks to funds from Madison Community Foundation, by way of a Goodman Center mini grant, and part of a Neighborhood Grant from City of Madison, we were able to get a limited supply of 18″ X 24″ full-color, double-sided, heavy duty yard signs with H Stakes for display in home and apartment yards. These are going to look great! Contact any one of the Board for information on how you can get one, or send an e-mail to


Rain, Rain, Go Away

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The bike repair event still happened on May 19th despite the rain, and it really came down during part of the evening. But rain or shine was what we promoted… and rain or shine is what we’ll do. Hey, there’s a shelter!


Anyway, rain isn’t enough to keep kids away from our beautiful park and playground. That night, we broke out a grill and cooked beef hot dogs for mechanics and kids. Jeff Fitzgerald from Revolution Cycles joined us for a while, too.

Next repair night is June 16th. As always, walk or ride your bike up and get some work done. Hang out, learn something, eat a hot dog 🙂

Remaining dates: June 16, July 21, August 18, September 15


Worthington Wi-Fi

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This past Fall, a conversation started around finding a way to get our neighborhood connected to the Internet, for free or for cheap. At that time I was talking with Ross Tennent of Union Tech Cooperative after making introductions for another purpose. Ross shared some websites with information and a handful of folks started kicking around the idea more. Our solution was to slowly build an open mesh network, run with several small connections as gateways and many repeaters in between, and all administered by us. A true DIY experience, for sure.

Well, months later, an announcement was made by the City’s Digital Technology Committee that funds were available for a pilot program or two that addressed the “digital divide” in Madison’s lower income or challenged communities. Naturally, what we’re slowly working on was a good fit so I drew up a proposal and headed downtown on May 8th to say my piece about what we wanted our project to be.

On the City side, things are progressing how I imagine they’re supposed to. On our side, I’ve shared this idea with others, including a contact at 5NINES and also Heartland Credit Union, so things are in motion. We’ll see with what speed we can move this along. Maybe comprehensive tech solutions are in our near future. Of course, it would be beneficial to run a community-wide wi-fi here, plus have a loaner library of computers and classes to go with them, and it’s even possible to train young adults at some facets of network services. What’s great is that Worthington Park has residents with tech backgrounds. Regardless of what timeline this gets put on it’s comforting to know that when things move forward we have several residents with what it takes to make a successful project grow right here in their front yards.


Identity Crisis

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We in the Worthington Park neighborhood embrace diversity, improvement and movement that encourages communication and fosters beneficial relationships. Recently, residents voiced opinions that the association needed a sharper logo, one that nodded to the area’s history and looks ahead to realize its potential. What surfaced took most of us by surprise but it was so simple, elegant, yet striking, that soon after a few iterations of its concept were offered a final decision was made.

Ben Koca is a resident of Worthington Park and designer, currently working for American Family. Ben has increased his involvement in the neighborhood significantly over the short time he’s lived here and the extension of his design talent has made a large impact. We’re thrilled to have a fresh new logo and we already have business cards sporting our new look.


Thanks, Ben!


Save the Date: Annual Picnic Coming Up!

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WPNA hosts the annual picnic in the park on Saturday, July 19, from 12PM – 4PM. (3102 Worthington Avenue)

Back again and aiming to be cooler than ever, residents of the Worthington Park neighborhood bring the annual picnic full of food, games and fun to their community. The newly renamed Worthington Park Neighborhood Picnic will feature games hosted by Madison Traffic Garden and familiar city agencies, music, magic by James the Magician, and mouth-watering slow cooked pork and chicken made possible by generous residents and Evan Dannells and Mandy Puntney of 4&20 Bakery and Cafe, plus tempting sides by Women of WORTHington and others. Finish that off with Chocolate Shoppe ice cream and creamy Blumers Root Beer!

As always, since we love y’all and our neighborhood, at the picnic everything is free, and everyone’s welcome! Put it on your calendar and come on out to celebrate our growing community.

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