WPNA is zooming into the 1990s with PHONE CONFERENCING!

You now have an option if you can’t make it to 414 Rethke!  In an effort to accommodate varying schedules and reach a bigger audience, WPNA will test conducting meetings via Skype phone conference beginning tonight, Wednesday, Oct 17th.  This enables my attendance, as I’m currently in Pennsylvania, but more importantly, to Darbo/Worthington Park residents finding it difficult to be outside their home on a weeknight, it offers a better opportunity to join the conversation and share perspectives on the neighborhood.

Time for literature and special announcements will be available during the meeting but you can also upload documents to the Facebook page or attach them to an e-mail to the Worthington Park Yahoo! Group list.  This eliminates the need to print/make copies and offers Internet archiving, plus you can do this whenever it’s convenient.

Skype allows for 26 total participants.  This is plenty to begin.  If the need for more participants arises, WPNA will look into a different solution.  To participate, you will need access to a telephone -OR- a computer with Skype software.  (Computer users: The call will be audio only, no video.)

***e-mail for instructions***

There will be a call for announcements and new business toward the beginning of the meeting.  Time permitting, we will discuss new business.

Conference begins at 6PM Central
Agenda for Wednesday, Oct 17th:

  • Welcome: Participant introductions; Conference overview, questions
  • WPNA Update: Appointment of Vice President; Not for profit status; Banking; SASYNA and WPNA; Call for interest
  • Special announcements and new business
  • 2012 Darbo Family Picnic: Appreciation; Thank you letters
  • Protocol for WP projects
  • Friends of Worthington Park: Community garden project; Grants; CAC; Madison Parks; Park improvements; Priority list
  • McDonald’s departure from 3051 E Washington Ave: Timeline; Call for land/building use ideas from WP community; Mentoring Positives letter of intent; TIF support; Other buildings on strip
  • Union Corners

Questions and comments?