Soglin talking to kidsDuring a meeting at the mayor’s office a few months ago, Soglin asked Alder Rummel and I to put something together for the residents of the Eastpointe and CDA apartments in Darbo/Worthington. I understood the intention was to poll folks on what they saw as the future of their neighborhood. With substantial help from Deenah Givens at Goodman Community Center we put on an event for April 29th.

Sticky Notes ExerciseWhat I helped create to frame this special meeting was the concept Welcome to Darbo, what could turn into a series of events aimed at specific issues facing the Darbo/Worthington neighborhood. Though turnout was less than hoped for, the meeting was a success and quite encouraging.

Perspectives heard during that first Welcome to Darbo were valuable. However, what I found more interesting I learned while door knocking prior to the event. There are residents passionate about change but perhaps stumped by what to do or where to go with their opinions, let alone they may feel marginalized by a perceived socio-economic status, especially if their previous attempts to address concerns fell on deaf or unconcerned ears.

It’s around this borderline broken spirit with apathetic undertones, concerned folks need to rally, to help demonstrate things can be accomplished if the voice is loud and forceful enough and the mission unified, regardless of financial standing. I won’t go into here what issues are most pressing among people I talked with but I will say this: Summer’s gonna be interesting 😉