New Basketball Courts As y’all can see when walking, biking or driving by, the workers and machines are plugging’ along: new basketball courts are going in and the playground looks really close to welcoming its new equipment. While the City and contractors are doing the initial work it is largely going to fall all us, the residents, to ensure its health for years to come. That means getting out and doing more in the park, picking up some trash while out there, and helping kids and adults understand the long-term benefits of keeping our park litter free. Playground AreaIf you create a valued relationship with someone, and they see how you feel about the park, it’s likely they’ll adopt a similar attitude. Case in point, it still takes some direction on my part but one of the kids I play soccer with will now take trash with him after playing to throw it away at home. Pretty cool.

Garden SpotYou remember the talks about putting in a community garden in Worthington Park to make up for the sad loss of the space on the Salvation Army property?  Well, a couple weeks ago, before a Saturday Soccer session, I stopped and noticed an area of the removed basketball courts I thought would be great to situate a garden. There’s plenty of sunlight, it’s outside the large green space, and it’s near the shelter (which really, really needs a rehab).

Later this week, I’ll have some time with Parks and a gardens coordinator from CAC. If you’d like to offer your comments or criticisms, or if you have time to volunteer in developing a garden plan, please get in touch. You can e-mail Friends of Worthington Park to help get the ball rollin’.