Today, I read an article that resonated with points Madison residents are making regarding the Union Corners project, and the seemingly apparent greed or plain lack of foresight of Gorman USA, current steward of the 11-acre parcel. Attention to the long-term financial and social benefits to the city and existing and future residents must be paid but it has been given shamefully short consideration by Gorman and anchor tenant, or so the phrase has been used, UW Health. The clinic may be an anchor for Gorman, or an anchor (read: only) tenant for Phase I, but it will hardly carry the whole site, especially as its building and parking lots are currently drawn.

Back to the article, the last bit left unwritten the need for creative solutions to reduce poverty, and so, locally, the necessity to establish a cooperative economic growth model for Darbo/Worthington. An inclusive quality of life improvement agenda can do this. What can’t, and only perpetuates the societal infirmity, is the long-held tradition of displacement. We can do better.

Give it a read.