Yes, WPNA has become too legit. That is, most definitely, too legit to quit.

wpna-newacctI’m really happy to say that, today, I opened WPNA’s first bank account in… um… well, a long, long time, and did so at Heartland Credit Union. Big thanks to Erin Rose at Heartland on Willy for taking it right to the five o’clock buzzer dotting the t’s and crossing the i’s (I’m tired) to get our account finalized.

An even bigger thanks to the troopers, new and old, of WPNA, who’ve weaved themselves together to strengthen our community’s organization to the point of being able to reinstate its corporate status, which happened three weeks ago, thus enabling today’s step forward. What’s on the horizon? 501(c)3, baby.

“Hey, Alfonso, what money did you open an account with?” you ask. It’s pretty cool, actually. We received a grant from Dane County Bicycle Association to help fund this year’s bike repair series. Cooler than that, there are additional funds and in-kind donations on the way thanks to other community partners who believe in our neighborhood and association as much as we residents do.

Big things, folks. Big things.