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Youth Services: Update

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Youth Services of Southern Wisconsin announced last month to reopen their real estate search and stated they will not pursue the purchase of 3051 East Washington Avenue, the former location of McDonald’s.

We wish Casey Behrend, the Youth Services board, and all staff the best in finding a site for their headquarters, and we thoroughly appreciate their reevaluating locating in Darbo after the voices of residents and community stakeholders were heard.


Alder Forum

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Meet the District 6 Alder Candidates
Monday, March 25th
6:30PM ~ 8:00PM
St. Bernard’s Catholic Church ~ 2450 Atwood Avenue

  • Please use the parking lot entrance at the back of the church
  • Moderated by Art Hackett, retired reporter from WPT’s Here and Now
  • Questions compiled from neighbors and business owners
  • Time for brief Q&A from the audience
  • Evening concludes with reception at 8:00PM

For more information, e-mail D6AlderForum [at]

Sponsored by Marquette Neighborhood Association, Schenk Atwood – Starkweather – Yahara Neighborhood Association, and Worthington Park Neighborhood Association.


May as an Operative Word

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As seen in the Cap Times, the article Study says homeless facilities may up value of nearby property and the study it draws upon will probably be mentioned in the future by supporters of the Youth Services and Salvation Army proposals.

Without citing more than one study from one major metropolitan city, in this instance Philadelphia, a case can hardly be made for increasing property values but it is an interesting place to start. Studying that impact is precisely what Youth Services and Salvation Army could do before approaching the Darbo community and looking to our Neighborhood Resource Team for support. Also referenced should be third-party analyses of how these agencies have offered and operated their services in the past. Regarding Salvation Army’s intention to build a homeless and transitional housing campus on Darbo, it would be helpful knowing how communities in other cities were affected by a Salvation Army expansion of this size.

The value increase mentioned in the article relies on bulky conditions—access to capital, resources, effective management, education, after care—and values are still subject to throes of economic contraction. With the seriousness of what’s at stake, I fail to see how a substantial argument can hinge on the word may.


Reminder: The listening meeting for Youth Services proposal is January 16 at 6:30 in the Salvation Army basement.


Youth Services, Alder Rummel Listening Meeting

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Alder Marsha Rummel Listening Meeting scheduled to discuss Youth Services of Southern Wisconsin’s desire to relocate to 3051 East Wash (McDonald’s).  A new 18,000 sq ft facility is being proposed for their new headquarters, including an 8-bed homeless shelter for at-risk youth so come hear details and ask questions.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Basement of The Salvation Army
3030 Darbo Drive

View Meeting Flyer

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Neighborhood Update – New Year’s 2013

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This past November marked my first full year as a board member of the Worthington Park Neighborhood Association. WPNA diminished to a frail group over the years, with low meeting turnout and the bare minimum of officers, but the small collective was determined to make progress. After incremental growth, things slowed a bit in the Spring due to board turnover, and residents were disheartened by Salvation Army’s curious decision to mow down the community garden. Then with the realization of McDonald’s leaving becoming more and more real, and its departure date drawing closer and closer, we started feeling our community’s value and security threatened, not to mention its economic future. What’s going to help the tax base? The title loan store? Roll your eyes along with me, it’s OK. But those tight to the group stayed the course and focused on Summer.

And what a Summer we had! Pee-wee soccer games and Mentoring Positives “Family Fun Time” in the park, a bicycle rodeo, the annual meeting and pasta dinner, and an incredibly successful Darbo picnic, due in no small part to the hard work and generosity of community organizations. From a few Madison businesses we received food and water for the picnic but the bulk of donations came from Salvation Army, including free school supplies that brought folks in from across the city. Most people I talk with have reservations about Salvation Army as an entity (ideology, stance on homosexuality, etc), and their reservations are understood, but when the picnic effort needed help, they came through. Sadly, that glimpse of partnership was dwarfed by their immense proposal for 3030 Darbo, which I learned of just one month ago. Coupled with what I learned of Youth Services of Southern Wisconsin’s proposal only one week after that, I’m preparing for an interesting year.

Salvation Army
Have you seen the construction of The Constellation on East Wash? It’s quite the project. According to their site, The Constellation will be “12-stories of upscale apartment living and business space in a five star location.” Never mind their logo looks like it fell out of 1950s Las Vegas, the building will have a contemporary expression. The point is that whole area is going to explode with redevelopment. Maybe that’s why Salvation Army is seazing the opportunity to offload 630 East Wash, which currently holds their 20-bed facility for homeless persons, and construct an even larger shelter on Darbo.

That’s right. From what I’ve been told, Salvation Army will sell 630 East Wash and move its shelter operations to 3030 Darbo, after building an extension, or extensions, and possibly repurposing the gymnasium. It would make financial sense, I get that. Capitalizing on a local real estate market upswing by selling a now hot property, that over the last decade has been a dog in the church’s portfolio, is a smart move—on paper. It’s another thing entirely when an organization considers enlarging its homeless services capacity and relocating those services within a weakened community.

Economic hardship is hitting many nowadays. Perhaps the impetus is financial troubles. Money worry can prompt people to make hasty decisions. These decisions can have awful consequences for the environment in which they’re executed. Though the beginnings of decay can be hard to detect, the long term effects of poor choices are all around us. Fiscally responsible does not necessarily equal socially acceptable. Can Darbo/Worthington handle the impact? And that’s just one proposal.

Youth Services of Southern Wisconsin
These folks have good history in Madison, particularly around where they currently are in the SASY neighborhood (Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahara). People at Youth Services do important work. I support their efforts. However, there’s cause for pause before supporting their intention to relocate in Darbo, if just to help ensure all things are considered. Or is it too late?

Property developer EMI plans to buy the McDonald’s property at 3051 East Wash. According to Youth Services, EMI wishes to construct a new two-story building there, and Youth Services intends to occupy.  By lease or by sale, it’s uncertain, but occupy nonetheless. At this new location, Youth Services proposes a 28-day maximum stay teenage homeless shelter, among other services for youth and adult clients. Sure, these other services are the bulk of what Youth Services intends to do, but a teenage homeless shelter less than 500 feet from a large shelter for adults proposed by Salvation Army? Without the teenage shelter, a high concentration of at-risk youth and a high concentration of homeless persons in a blighted area? Maybe these and other questions are answered in a Community Impact Report for each proposal.

[Unfamiliar with Community Impact Reports? This is a good introduction.]

The Salvation Army and Youth Services proposals directly affect a low income area, a challenged section of the east side with its own Neighborhood Resource Team, but no Community Impact Reports have made there way to WPNA. Why do these proposals show so much progress when there has been so little resident or community stakeholder input? A concern is that the voice of the neighborhood might not really be heard on these matters, that considerable momentum could be sustained by the time public meetings are held. The Executive Director of Youth Services stated their organization has been working the deal for over a year. Where have we been?

Well, since August, I have been in western Pennsylvania though the last 4 weeks I spent in Madison talking with who I could to get information. See, coming off a successful picnic and witnessing renewed spirit in the neighborhood, I thought I could help stabilize a new association board from Pennsylvania then step down to a support role. Despite being out of town, people could always get in touch via phone, e-mail or Facebook. Regarding the proposals, no one did. I’m asking why, and I will ask in person because I’m moving back to Madison in January.

Worthington Park is important to me. I believe the community’s health and prosperity are important to many more, and I want folks coming forward to talk about its future.

Now’s the time. Get involved.

Wishing y’all a Forward New Year,
Alfonso Flores V
President, WPNA


New Community Garden Application

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WPNA is excited about being thrust very quickly into the CACSCW New Garden application process. Some folks remember earlier this year the community garden on Salvation Army property was, er, discontinued. We do not want to go another season without neighborhood gardening space so getting approval for Spring 2013 was made high priority.

The proposed site is actually in the park. With support from WPNA and community partners, a Friends of Worthington Park group is being established to facilitate the application process, as well as provide foundation for future park activities.

We need volunteers!
Master Gardeners, youth leaders, community activists and prospective gardeners are all encouraged to contact Friends of Worthington Park for more information.


November Meeting

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Hi, folks!
WPNA will meet at 6PM on November 28th at the Rethke office. If you can’t physically be there, remote attendance will again be available by phone or Skype.

Proposed agenda items are discussing law enforcement relations and community attitudes regarding the recent fatal shooting in the nearby Marquette neighborhood, the departure of McDonald’s and what will take its place, the rumor of DOC leaving the area, and the potential installation of new community gardens next year. Complete agenda will be posted soon.

Please e-mail to suggest topics.


Jam 4 Cans

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For good music and an even better cause make your way out to VFW Post 7591 this Saturday for Jam 4 Cans. Worthington Park resident Rob Corbit said his dad (Bob) will be playing with Country band Tracks Outta Town from 12:30PM ’til 1:30PM.

It’s a full day of fun benefiting Dane County’s food pantries! The event opens at 11AM, a US color guard presentation will begin at 12PM, Tracks Outta Town hits the stage at 12:30, followed by live jams ’til 9PM, with coverage from Q106 FM. Raffles, hot food, two full bars, live music and the opportunity to contribute to food banks in need—all for just $3 or 3 non-perishable food items donation!

Jam 4 Cans
Saturday, November 3
VFW Post 7591
301 Cottage Grove Road

3 non-perishable food items or $3 donation


October 2012 Meeting

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WPNA is zooming into the 1990s with PHONE CONFERENCING!

You now have an option if you can’t make it to 414 Rethke!  In an effort to accommodate varying schedules and reach a bigger audience, WPNA will test conducting meetings via Skype phone conference beginning tonight, Wednesday, Oct 17th.  This enables my attendance, as I’m currently in Pennsylvania, but more importantly, to Darbo/Worthington Park residents finding it difficult to be outside their home on a weeknight, it offers a better opportunity to join the conversation and share perspectives on the neighborhood.

Time for literature and special announcements will be available during the meeting but you can also upload documents to the Facebook page or attach them to an e-mail to the Worthington Park Yahoo! Group list.  This eliminates the need to print/make copies and offers Internet archiving, plus you can do this whenever it’s convenient.

Skype allows for 26 total participants.  This is plenty to begin.  If the need for more participants arises, WPNA will look into a different solution.  To participate, you will need access to a telephone -OR- a computer with Skype software.  (Computer users: The call will be audio only, no video.)

***e-mail for instructions***

There will be a call for announcements and new business toward the beginning of the meeting.  Time permitting, we will discuss new business.

Conference begins at 6PM Central
Agenda for Wednesday, Oct 17th:

  • Welcome: Participant introductions; Conference overview, questions
  • WPNA Update: Appointment of Vice President; Not for profit status; Banking; SASYNA and WPNA; Call for interest
  • Special announcements and new business
  • 2012 Darbo Family Picnic: Appreciation; Thank you letters
  • Protocol for WP projects
  • Friends of Worthington Park: Community garden project; Grants; CAC; Madison Parks; Park improvements; Priority list
  • McDonald’s departure from 3051 E Washington Ave: Timeline; Call for land/building use ideas from WP community; Mentoring Positives letter of intent; TIF support; Other buildings on strip
  • Union Corners

Questions and comments?

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