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Starkweather Creek Brew and Naming Contest!

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Cate Veith and Alfonso Flores of Worthington Park will give a $50 gift card prize to the winner of the naming contest of a brand new brew coming from Next Door, in collaboration with Friends of Starkweather Creek, and set to debut at the pub on Saturday, December 20th, a day before the traditional Solstice bonfire at Olbrich Park.

Check the Friends of Starkweather Creek site for details.

Brew in early stage. (Photo by Sean Gere)


2014 Annual Meeting and Picnic

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Drawing by John Pickle

Hey, folks! Come to the annual meeting/picnic tomorrow. We’re pressing apples for fresh cider, grilling a bit of food, and generally enjoying what should be a beautiful day. (There’s a whisper about some Ale Asylum Ambergeddon, too!)

Bring some park play stuff, bring the kids, bring sides or something for the grill (it’s a potluck), BRING MORE APPLES! It’d be nice to see you 😉

Thurber Park (Fair Oaks at the tracks)
Saturday, Oct 11th

Special thanks to the Hatcher family, Adam Haen at FEED Kitchens, 4 & 20, Pickle Jar BBQ, Chris Moyer, John Minnick, Zion Lutheran Church, and our tireless board members!


Rain, Rain, Go Away

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The bike repair event still happened on May 19th despite the rain, and it really came down during part of the evening. But rain or shine was what we promoted… and rain or shine is what we’ll do. Hey, there’s a shelter!


Anyway, rain isn’t enough to keep kids away from our beautiful park and playground. That night, we broke out a grill and cooked beef hot dogs for mechanics and kids. Jeff Fitzgerald from Revolution Cycles joined us for a while, too.

Next repair night is June 16th. As always, walk or ride your bike up and get some work done. Hang out, learn something, eat a hot dog 🙂

Remaining dates: June 16, July 21, August 18, September 15


Save the Date: Annual Picnic Coming Up!

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WPNA hosts the annual picnic in the park on Saturday, July 19, from 12PM – 4PM. (3102 Worthington Avenue)

Back again and aiming to be cooler than ever, residents of the Worthington Park neighborhood bring the annual picnic full of food, games and fun to their community. The newly renamed Worthington Park Neighborhood Picnic will feature games hosted by Madison Traffic Garden and familiar city agencies, music, magic by James the Magician, and mouth-watering slow cooked pork and chicken made possible by generous residents and Evan Dannells and Mandy Puntney of 4&20 Bakery and Cafe, plus tempting sides by Women of WORTHington and others. Finish that off with Chocolate Shoppe ice cream and creamy Blumers Root Beer!

As always, since we love y’all and our neighborhood, at the picnic everything is free, and everyone’s welcome! Put it on your calendar and come on out to celebrate our growing community.


Sunday Rootin’

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Dave, and yes, 3 laptops.

Volunteer Dave and I (and several online resources) spent the bulk of the day together rooting a Chromebook, which was donated to help start WPNA’s computer loaner library. As part of a tech initiative in collaboration with Women of WORTHington, we aim to launch computer training classes of varying concentrations… along with figuring a way to get free community Wi-Fi to our residents.

Stripping copper

Stripping copper

The first fun bit: Jumper the write-protect on the board. OK, with what? Not having that kind of teeny part laying around, and seeing there was nothing to use from inside an old desktop I cracked open, we had to get creative. After staring at it a second, I grabbed some excess CAT5e cable and tore out one inch-long wire. The idea: Put some copper down in the thing and hope it makes a sufficient connection. I made a lil’ loop, shoved it down in there, taped over the excess wire and closed the back cover.

rootin-03Eureka!! Write-protect disabled and Developer mode entered! Then, I made a mistake. You could say I zigged when I should have zagged. Say whatever you wish, the result was hours—no kidding, HOURS!—of scratching our noggins trying to think of what to do next. We were at a standstill. Long story short, nothing short of a miracle, we managed to restore ChromeOS and kinda start from scratch. Easy breezy from there. Sorta.

Success! (sorta)

Success! (sorta)

What did we learn? Take it slowly, do it on a Sunday, have absolutely nothing else time sensitive to get to IF you plan on goofing part of the process. Otherwise, it’s relatively simple. Y’know, the whole reason I wanted to do this is because a Chromebook is so completely limited and I wanted to open it up. The other thing is I was a bit upset that Google throws these things out in the world with relatively really good hardware and then puts such hardcore restrictions on what you can do with it. Side note: ChromeOS is a weirdo. Creating a restore stick not only made the thumb drive unusable for anything else afterwards unless wiped with a partition utility but it created FOUR partitions (one invisible). Then after successfully booting to an Ubuntu stick, the installer warned me I was about to erase 22 partitions. 22?! WHAT?!

Anyway, there are some tweaks still to do and it’s not ready for public use but the netbook is running pretty darn well. We’re looking forward to messing with more computers and building up a nice lil’ library. Excluding bulky desktops, please get in touch if you have an unused netbook or laptop laying around. Not too old, please 🙂


Homeless Campus in Darbo, City Says No

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Did y’all already know this?

Well, it’s evidence that I’m behind on my e-mails but I finally thoroughly read minutes from the Neighborhood Resource Team meeting earlier in January. For a relatively contentious issue I’m surprised notice didn’t go out widely—maybe I missed it—but here it is anyway: The City will not approve the homeless facility the Salvation Army had a boner about building at 3030 Darbo. I’m sure City staff didn’t use the word boner but Salvation Army was rather excited about cashing in their hot downtown real estate and royally screwing our neighborhood.

As Salvation Army complains it barely has funds to run its limited programs, it seems appropriate to start discussing alternatives. Maybe they’ve run their course, maybe their hierarchy is convoluted or unnavigable, or maybe their international organization is too archaic and removed to encourage the needed advancement of Darbo/Worthington. I don’t know. Whatever the reasons for underperforming, maybe there’s a different group to take it from here, to shape 3030 Darbo into a high-functioning community center, one that appeals first to the diversity of our neighborhood then beyond its modest boundaries.

I’m far from demonizing Salvation Army. I know their food programs and other services fill a need. What I’m doing instead is asking the question: Who else could do the same or better or offer more? Looking around Dane County you’ll see organizations involved in similar work. Maybe a few could come together under one roof to provide the current services at Darbo, maybe they’d expand services into the evening, maybe they’d have child care, or maybe they’d have weekends chock-full of entertaining and educational and physical activities. Well, maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about. But, at least I’m talking, and I would love to hear feedback.


Saturday Soccer in the Park

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Yesterday, I launched Saturday Soccer, a casual kick-around for area kiddos. All youth players are welcome to attend, though I’m trying to focus on ages 5-10. Roughly the first half of the hour session will be going over soccer basics, like trapping and passing, then we’ll break away to a short-sided game with small goals and no

Just telling a few neighborhood kids, and no flyering, I had about 7 lil’ dudes show up. That was perfect because I was without an adult helper, which I’ll need when numbers grow. I passed a ball around with Fred and Anthony, then had them take shots on a super-wide goal. Really, it was ridiculously wide.

ss-090713-2We’d been kicking it around for a bit when Samuka, Boss and Omar dropped in.  Those three have more soccer experience so I threw out a couple orange pinnies, set up a couple flagged goals, and went right into a game–barefooted. Yep, played some good ol’ bare-footie. See, the inimitable trio went shoeless so I, thinking I had the advantage of not only age and strength but also cleats, tossed off my boots and socks and joined in.

ss-090713-3So, my feet hurt today but what a blast! Of course, as this program matures kids will get decked out with proper attire. Tony Feller and folks in MAYSA donated (that morning!) a dozen Size 3 soccer balls, and Tony extended his and MAYSA’s help when procuring equipment for future soccer modules, and also kits when we gather enough players to start an area club team… which would be awesome!

Soccer balls donated from MAYSA

Soccer balls donated from MAYSA

Kids from all around can participate. Be on time! It starts at 10:30, ends at 11:30. Parents are encouraged to attend, too. Bring something to snack on, or host a potluck picnic to follow the soccer hour. I’m open to suggestions and I’ll always welcome help. Saturday Soccer is going through the end of October, and another will follow next Spring. I plan to offer this four times next year.

If you have questions or comments, please get in touch.



2013 Yard Sign Design Contest

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We’re having a design contest open to all
Darbo/Worthington kids ages 5-9!

WPNA received a mini-grant from Goodman Community Center, which was made possible by Madison Community Foundation, to hold this contest. The winning drawing will be printed on 100 12″x18″ yard signs. The winner will receive a full color poster of the drawing, and the drawing will be on display throughout the neighborhood.

Either print out this form or get a copy from Will Green at Salvation Army, Becky Green at Mentoring Positives, Deenah Givens at Goodman Center or Fabiola Hamdan at Joining Forces for Families, and have your child draw and color what he or she likes about our community. It can be anything! (One entry per child, please.)

The deadline for submitting a drawing is July 28th, Deadline Extended! Drawings are due by August 18th. All information must be included on the form in order to be accepted. Please coordinate drop off to one of the folks mentioned above, or mail to the WPNA office at 414 Rethke Ave, Madison, WI 53704. A winning drawing will be selected and presented at the Darbo Family Picnic on August 24, 2013.

The contest is only open to kids in the Darbo/Worthington neighborhood. Any questions, please e-mail for more information, or catch me when you see me in the neighborhood.

Have fun!


Jam 4 Cans

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For good music and an even better cause make your way out to VFW Post 7591 this Saturday for Jam 4 Cans. Worthington Park resident Rob Corbit said his dad (Bob) will be playing with Country band Tracks Outta Town from 12:30PM ’til 1:30PM.

It’s a full day of fun benefiting Dane County’s food pantries! The event opens at 11AM, a US color guard presentation will begin at 12PM, Tracks Outta Town hits the stage at 12:30, followed by live jams ’til 9PM, with coverage from Q106 FM. Raffles, hot food, two full bars, live music and the opportunity to contribute to food banks in need—all for just $3 or 3 non-perishable food items donation!

Jam 4 Cans
Saturday, November 3
VFW Post 7591
301 Cottage Grove Road

3 non-perishable food items or $3 donation