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2014 Annual Meeting and Picnic

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Drawing by John Pickle

Hey, folks! Come to the annual meeting/picnic tomorrow. We’re pressing apples for fresh cider, grilling a bit of food, and generally enjoying what should be a beautiful day. (There’s a whisper about some Ale Asylum Ambergeddon, too!)

Bring some park play stuff, bring the kids, bring sides or something for the grill (it’s a potluck), BRING MORE APPLES! It’d be nice to see you 😉

Thurber Park (Fair Oaks at the tracks)
Saturday, Oct 11th

Special thanks to the Hatcher family, Adam Haen at FEED Kitchens, 4 & 20, Pickle Jar BBQ, Chris Moyer, John Minnick, Zion Lutheran Church, and our tireless board members!


Rain, Rain, Go Away

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The bike repair event still happened on May 19th despite the rain, and it really came down during part of the evening. But rain or shine was what we promoted… and rain or shine is what we’ll do. Hey, there’s a shelter!


Anyway, rain isn’t enough to keep kids away from our beautiful park and playground. That night, we broke out a grill and cooked beef hot dogs for mechanics and kids. Jeff Fitzgerald from Revolution Cycles joined us for a while, too.

Next repair night is June 16th. As always, walk or ride your bike up and get some work done. Hang out, learn something, eat a hot dog 🙂

Remaining dates: June 16, July 21, August 18, September 15


Save the Date: Annual Picnic Coming Up!

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WPNA hosts the annual picnic in the park on Saturday, July 19, from 12PM – 4PM. (3102 Worthington Avenue)

Back again and aiming to be cooler than ever, residents of the Worthington Park neighborhood bring the annual picnic full of food, games and fun to their community. The newly renamed Worthington Park Neighborhood Picnic will feature games hosted by Madison Traffic Garden and familiar city agencies, music, magic by James the Magician, and mouth-watering slow cooked pork and chicken made possible by generous residents and Evan Dannells and Mandy Puntney of 4&20 Bakery and Cafe, plus tempting sides by Women of WORTHington and others. Finish that off with Chocolate Shoppe ice cream and creamy Blumers Root Beer!

As always, since we love y’all and our neighborhood, at the picnic everything is free, and everyone’s welcome! Put it on your calendar and come on out to celebrate our growing community.


Update – Playground and Basketball Courts

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New Basketball Courts As y’all can see when walking, biking or driving by, the workers and machines are plugging’ along: new basketball courts are going in and the playground looks really close to welcoming its new equipment. While the City and contractors are doing the initial work it is largely going to fall all us, the residents, to ensure its health for years to come. That means getting out and doing more in the park, picking up some trash while out there, and helping kids and adults understand the long-term benefits of keeping our park litter free. Playground AreaIf you create a valued relationship with someone, and they see how you feel about the park, it’s likely they’ll adopt a similar attitude. Case in point, it still takes some direction on my part but one of the kids I play soccer with will now take trash with him after playing to throw it away at home. Pretty cool.

Garden SpotYou remember the talks about putting in a community garden in Worthington Park to make up for the sad loss of the space on the Salvation Army property?  Well, a couple weeks ago, before a Saturday Soccer session, I stopped and noticed an area of the removed basketball courts I thought would be great to situate a garden. There’s plenty of sunlight, it’s outside the large green space, and it’s near the shelter (which really, really needs a rehab).

Later this week, I’ll have some time with Parks and a gardens coordinator from CAC. If you’d like to offer your comments or criticisms, or if you have time to volunteer in developing a garden plan, please get in touch. You can e-mail Friends of Worthington Park to help get the ball rollin’.


Saturday Soccer in the Park

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Yesterday, I launched Saturday Soccer, a casual kick-around for area kiddos. All youth players are welcome to attend, though I’m trying to focus on ages 5-10. Roughly the first half of the hour session will be going over soccer basics, like trapping and passing, then we’ll break away to a short-sided game with small goals and no

Just telling a few neighborhood kids, and no flyering, I had about 7 lil’ dudes show up. That was perfect because I was without an adult helper, which I’ll need when numbers grow. I passed a ball around with Fred and Anthony, then had them take shots on a super-wide goal. Really, it was ridiculously wide.

ss-090713-2We’d been kicking it around for a bit when Samuka, Boss and Omar dropped in.  Those three have more soccer experience so I threw out a couple orange pinnies, set up a couple flagged goals, and went right into a game–barefooted. Yep, played some good ol’ bare-footie. See, the inimitable trio went shoeless so I, thinking I had the advantage of not only age and strength but also cleats, tossed off my boots and socks and joined in.

ss-090713-3So, my feet hurt today but what a blast! Of course, as this program matures kids will get decked out with proper attire. Tony Feller and folks in MAYSA donated (that morning!) a dozen Size 3 soccer balls, and Tony extended his and MAYSA’s help when procuring equipment for future soccer modules, and also kits when we gather enough players to start an area club team… which would be awesome!

Soccer balls donated from MAYSA

Soccer balls donated from MAYSA

Kids from all around can participate. Be on time! It starts at 10:30, ends at 11:30. Parents are encouraged to attend, too. Bring something to snack on, or host a potluck picnic to follow the soccer hour. I’m open to suggestions and I’ll always welcome help. Saturday Soccer is going through the end of October, and another will follow next Spring. I plan to offer this four times next year.

If you have questions or comments, please get in touch.



Park Improvements Underway

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It has begun! Park improvements got underway last week—the old playground equipment is gone, the swings were removed, the gravel by the swings gathered up, and that crappy fence is coming out today. Want to be more in the loop? Get in touch!



With that natural berm maybe we don’t need a replacement fence. What do you think?


Hard at work, with the help a massive truck yanking out the posts, removing the dilapidated fence.


Agh! Where’s the playground?! Don’t worry, new equipment is on the way, plus a nice natural wood chip surface instead of pebbles.


Playground Improvements – First Meeting

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While the basketball courts and fence are being addressed this year, last night’s meeting with Mike Sturm, landscape architect and planner from Parks Department, focused on making primary decisions about the playground improvements.

The department’s process was explained to a committee, which formed from the attendees, and choices on age range usage, surfacing and equipment styles were made. The committee went with a natural wood product for new playground surfacing, which will replace the gravel currently there, and the PowerScape line from manufacturer GameTime was selected to generate equipment options.

Example from the PowerScape line.

Example from the PowerScape line.

Mike Sturm will take the information from the meeting, run some numbers, make some drawings, and schedule a second meeting for the committee to make more decisions, leading to an intended September installation. If you have input you’d like to share about playground improvements, send an e-mail and I’ll make sure it gets to the committee.



2013 Park Improvements Meeting

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A mailer should have gone out for this special meeting discussing park improvements slated for this year and beyond. For instance, happening later this year, the basketball courts are getting replaced, the fence is coming out, and the playground equipment is getting updated. All this needs your input!

6PM ~ Wednesday, May 8
Community Room in Hawthorne Library
2707 E Washington Ave


May 8, 2013 Meeting for the Park


New Community Garden Application

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WPNA is excited about being thrust very quickly into the CACSCW New Garden application process. Some folks remember earlier this year the community garden on Salvation Army property was, er, discontinued. We do not want to go another season without neighborhood gardening space so getting approval for Spring 2013 was made high priority.

The proposed site is actually in the park. With support from WPNA and community partners, a Friends of Worthington Park group is being established to facilitate the application process, as well as provide foundation for future park activities.

We need volunteers!
Master Gardeners, youth leaders, community activists and prospective gardeners are all encouraged to contact Friends of Worthington Park for more information.